Protein engineering

Getting straight to the point

Our holistic approach to protein engineering combines extensive literature review, computation analysis and an enhanced process of directed evolution.

The process of directed evolution in protein engineering mimics the natural evolution cycle to evolve proteins or nucleic acids that suit a pre-defined goal.

A single gene is evolved by iterative rounds of mutagenesis, selection or screening, and amplification. The best variant from one round becomes the template for the next, to achieve incremental improvements.

The more mutants we are able to evaluate, the greater our chances of finding one with the desired properties – in our case, increased affinity and specificity towards a targeted gene sequence.

At Emendo, we are leveraging our protein engineering expertise to engineer CRISPR/Cas9 and design a product that works per target indication, for maximum specificity and zero off-target effect. By establishing a directed evolution platform for the efficient selection of novel CRISPR/Cas9 variants with specific genomic target recognition, we aim to generate a pipeline of therapeutic leads.